Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I got an unexpected phone call!

Today I was on the phone with Daddy, asking about what I should do to ripen my tomatoes. When I hung up, the phone rang within about 10 seconds. I thought maybe it was him with another idea, but when I saw the caller ID, it threw me through a loop. It was my own cell phone number. Immediately I knew who the culprit was. I'll give you a hint: She really loves removing the contents of my purse, especially my phone, plus she's the shortest one in the family...did anyone guess Lahela? I answered the phone, then went in search of the little hoodlum. I found her sitting on her bed, phone in hand. The look on her face told me she was guilty, and I didn't want to make her feel bad (though what I really wanted to do was burst out laughing), so I put my receiver to my ear and told her to talk on the phone. She slowly put the cell phone to her ear, but didn't say a word. I asked her if she found my phone. She replied, "Uh-huh." I asked her if she was having fun with it. She replied, "Uh-huh." Then I kindly asked her if she could put it back in my purse. She replied, "Uh-huh," then climbed down from her bed. We said our good-byes into our respective phones, then we walked into my bedroom where I helped her return it to its proper place.

Lahela is so funny! Even though she's been reprimanded numerous times for playing with my cell phone (and at times losing it at the bottom of the doll clothes bin), she still cannot resist the urge to play with it just "one last time." Maybe she needs her own phone. I doubt, though, that it would produce the same enjoyment as Mom's phone.

On another note, she did just turn two on 9/11 (not that the date is what makes her mischievous). She is just simply doing what a two year old does: Learning by experience. Again and again and again and again. I don't think this will be the last time my purse gets emptied, or my phone taken, but I can truly say I would much rather have this be a part of my life than to not have her in it. She is a gem.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hazel's and Nathan's first day of school

Nathan was nervous for school to start, which wasn't surprising. He is a little worrywart! When his first day of first grade was all over, he came home very happy and excited to be in school. One of the big reasons was because his teacher, Mrs. Chatterley, gives out rainbow stones (those little glass rocks in different colors). He earns a rainbow stone every day for his good behavior, and that makes him so proud!

Hazel was very excited for school to start again. She has always been very social, so she had no anxieties. Her teacher is Mrs. Orme. Hazel has been doing well thus far and is a really good reader. I can't believe she is already in 3rd grade!

As for me, it is so nice to not have a Kindergartener anymore. Hazel and Nathan can now ride their bikes to and from school together. It was so hectic last year to have one kid on half day and one on full day.

Also, I've signed them up to be in their school choir, which they will stay after school one day a week to sing in. It will be a fun experience for them. I'm excited to hear them coming home singing the songs they will learn.