Saturday, August 29, 2009

The first day of school

This year we have a 4rd grader, a 2nd grader, and a Kindergartener. It feels bittersweet to see my kids getting older. Of course it makes me sad to look back on all that time and know they won't be my little babies anymore, but it is so exciting to see them growing, learning, and experiencing life.

Hazel has been very good this year about getting up and ready to go without much hassling from me. She is doing her own hair, picking out her own clothes (and matching), and making efforts to beautify herself for school. It's nice to see her getting to that stage of life. She used to not even care if she went to school with her hair not brushed or totally mismatched clothes (I would fight her to look nice still). She has become very responsible.

Hazel's teacher this year is Mrs. Balser. When we went to the "meet your teacher" night, we were pleased to see that Hazel's and Claire's classrooms are right next to each other. Nathan's is on the other side of the school, which is fine too, because he got the teacher we wanted him to get.

I was surprised when we walked into her classroom to see such big, fat books sitting on the desks. The workload just gets heavier each year. I know she'll do great, though.

Nathan has also been excited for school. We bought the kids their school's logo t-shirt, and he chose to wear that the first day of school. He thought it was pretty neat to wear an Art City Elementary shirt. Nathan normally likes to sleep in and doesn't like to be bothered in the mornings. He has surprised me this past week by getting up without much complaint. I'm very glad about that and hope it continues throughout the school year.

Funny kid...he rarely smiles for a picture. This was the best I could get.

Nathan got Mrs. Roylance for his teacher this year. Hazel also had her for 2nd grade, and we just loved her. She is very loving, helpful and positive toward the children. He will do great in there.

Such a handsome young schoolboy.

Claire is the newest school member in our family. She is in afternoon Kindergarten this year, and has been looking forward to it for a very long time. Hazel and Nathan used to come home from school and do "school" for Claire. She actually learned a lot from them. It was very cute. Now she has the real thing. She asks me every morning after Hazel and Nathan leave when she gets to go to school. The answers go from "in a few hours" to "in two and a half hours" to "in 2 hours", and so get the picture. She loves it! I can tell she feels so grown up. Just yesterday, on her 3rd day of school, I dropped her off at the front and she went inside to her class all by herself. She is a cutie!!!

Claire and Lahela on our walk to school. It was the first day for Kindergarteners. Claire requested for her hairstyle that I make two buns, and of course, Lahela then wanted buns too.

Claire's teacher is Mrs. Morgan. I have heard many wonderful things about her, and after meeting her, I'm glad to have Claire in there. She does a lot of fun things with the kids and I will even be able to go in and help in the classroom once a week. I'm looking forward to it very much.

This was the result of Claire's first day of school. She also did this on the second day. It wore her out. She was very happy when she came home from school, though. Hazel and Nathan think it's very exciting to pick up Claire from her class. Hazel even admitted to getting teary-eyed when she picked up Claire the first day.

All in all, I am excited about this school year. It will definitely be a busy year, with full-day kids, a half-day child, plus I'm doing a preschool co-op for Lahela, which I will help teach, then a baby coming in January. This really is what I've always wanted to do with my life, though: raise a family. I am thankful for what my Heavenly Father has given me. Children truly are gifts from him.

One more thing: I recently received a new calling in church. I am the new Ward Choir Director. This is in addition to pianist and chorister in Primary. I'm open to suggestions about how to get people to come and participate on a regular basis. Thanks!!!


bobatharoo said...

I'm happy to see that the first day was successful! Here's to a good year (*cheers)

Amy Jo Madsen said...

How in the world are you pianist AND chorister in Primary? Sounds tricky. That's a pretty heavy load you have! Don't you have any other musical people in your ward? You'll do great at your new calling, I'm sure...although it's a calling I hope I'll never get!

Claire and Catherine have the same backpack! And the result of school looks about the same, too. Catherine just started preschool, but it's every day (3 hours 4 days a week and an hour and 45 minutes on their early-out day). She gets SO tired afterward! It takes a while for kids to adjust, I guess. Hopefully your kids will all have great experiences with school this year!

big8smiley said...

I really love all the pictures you got! I can't believe that Claire is in kindergarten. I knew she was going to be in kindergarten . . . she just looks so super grown up all of a sudden! I like her hair in the buns. :)

It is nice to have kids growing up and being more responsible. Athena is being a lot more responsible this year too and I appreciate it. She and Samantha both get their hair brushed, their clothes on, take Max out, and get the table set. VERY nice!!

Kathy said...

Hard to see our children growing up so fast. I'm glad that you got all the teachers you wanted - that's always such a blessing. Let me know when choir is going to be - I want to come!